Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When the Life gets Hard

Hey all, i didn't have a good mood lately. Maybe i felt so tired and i had a litlle problem, huft... But now i get a good mood again, i can smile freely. I think god always make all things easier when the life getting hard. Now i feels happy now, now i get huge spirit :)


Old Fashioned Vest: from my wardrobe. White basic t-shirt: Centro. Eyewear: Ray Ban.
Silver Necklace: Maliboro. Bracelet: Gift from my family.

p.s: i still litlle bit bad mood on this photoshoot, so i'm sorry if the outfits it's not good. I just wear the simple things.

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Btw thank you for your beautifull comments in my blog, such a big honour for me, and thank you for the peoples who visit my blog and follow my blog. Love you all.. *a bunch of thank you from me! Be a pleasure of me.. :) see ya!


fashtastic said...

Cool blog, it's not often I come across blogs with guys who post outfit photos! :)

michelle_ said...

i like ur vest echa !
many thanks for the sweet comments as always .
keep bloggin XD
xoxoxo : michelle @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

michellehendra said...

lovinggg your vest :D and your sunnies.. LOL


lalita tian said...

cool! i love your sunglass! :)

fhen said...

love the vest and sunglasses!

Style Bird said...

That is a great outfit!

michelle_ said...

u sud submit ur blog to tongue in chic u know :D

t h a n k s . for your c o m m e n t s
hugs & kisses from

dela said...

you do great job! i always love your mix and match.
i found anyone use your name and link in is it you? it doesn't use Google account, but name linked to your blog directly. please check.. :)

A N A S T A S Y A said...

love the vest, and yes I should say again that the rayban rocks!!

B a la Moda said...

Keep the good mood always even if it is hard. Your look is awesome. I love the mix of white and black.

B* a la Moda

fayeee said...

thankyou for the lovely comment, and where am i linked?
cool photos love man fasion blogs and never knew there were so many with that hugee list over there <<<
speak to you soon :)


ye55i said...

Love your vest, Echa! hehehe... and the pictures still look great even you are in a bad mood. cheers up! =)

Andie said...

awesome vest

Kenneth said...

every comment is a good comment? :/

NoViTaRisTiaNa said... vest :)
i give u an award. check in my blog :)

betz said...

you sure got style Ersa! i love the sophistication in your casual look here. love your blog too!


RepublicOfChic said...

So refreshing to see guys blogging about fashion!

Much admiration all the way from India! :)

noomiedoodlesfashion said...

hey hey... nice outfit! keep up the style!
i already put ur blog on my echange link, hope u will too.. :)
have a great day.