Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 I'M BACK !

Hello Blog Universe, finally i'm decide to back on my blogging life. After super long hiatus, i will writing my blog again ( i'm promise). Well, some people ask me why you stop writing a blog for some years ago ? The answer is....  I'm too busy with my carrer as a Hotel Public Relation, sounds interesting and super fun. Now i'm still working as a Hotel Public Relation, Event Planner esepcially for event publication and now i'm a blogger to :).

As you know, the content of this blog mostly about my personal style, fashion and latest trend, but in the future i will filled up this blog with more topics like lifestyle, food, a good place for hangout etc. If you want to still update on my daily life you can see on my Instagram account @heiecha , so hope you will enjoy my blog again now.

For my first blogpost on 2018, i will post my personal style captured by one of famous Fashion Photographer Gde Wira at Sae Gde Studios.

White Shirt : H&M, Navy Blue T-shirt : H&M, Pants : XSML , White Sneakers: H&M.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The IT Essentials

Sometimes i don't have a time to mix and match my outfits, i just have 5 minutes to dress up before goes to meeting or hangout with my friends. For the casual events like cocktail party or tea time with friends, i always pick my signature white shirt paired with my blue jeans and took some accessories like sunglasses & watches. For this look, the destroyed shredded jeans and black sunnies become my fashion statements, since so many bloggers and celebrities wearing this shredded jeans for their summer looks, i won't missed to wear it !

sjp2 copy

sjp3 copy


sjp5 copy

This is the key how to look stylish, "the Clocks B Sunglasses from Polette Eyewear . The chic shape and simply elegant makes you look fabulous.. Tic, tac, the clock is ticking...for those who would love to yield to the trend of round glasses but who are still a bit reluctant to wear those little round goggles. The Clocks B will bring you this soft vintage look that you wish to try on. The gold details on both sides of the frame will complete this true fashion accessory.

. White Shirt : Van Heussen , Shredded jeans : Cheap Monday ,Sunglasses : Polette Eyewear, Sandals : Robelli , Clutch : MJ Bags .

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Black Paradise

Black, beige and flowery patterns are my basic to look more chic. I feel like crazy with pattern shirt lately, beside my monochrome outfit. I love being look sleek and chic for some occasion, the sunnies and envelope clutch become the key to look chic. Chic not always look too feminim, so i wearing black to make this look bold and strong.

bcf4 copysize2

bcf9 bwsize2

bcf3 copy-horz

bcf10 blog

.Shirt : Ambrogio , Tailored Chino Pants , Clutch : MJ Bag , Sunglasses : Rayban Clubmaster , Shoes : Felix Verguso.