Thursday, March 6, 2014


Black and White is everlasting, i see the monochrome still become over the top trends for this year. A simple style with the neat cut is the key for look simple but still stylish. This black and white houndstooth sweater is the effortless way to look stylish. The houndsttoh pattern is a Tenun Ikat materials, with a modern touch and hologram effects.
 I paired the sweater with a skinny jeans, and oxford shoes to make the outfit look nice. 

hounds2 size

hounds3 copy

hounds1 size

. Houndstooth Sweater : Cotton Ink , Skinny Jeans : Lee , Shoes : Felix Verguso .

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Classic Times

Finally i'm back, and it's 2014 already... The new story is begin, a new trends will be hit the fashion world. Auld lang Syne song still stuck in my head, but i must start a new hope for this year. Happy New Year 2014, i wish this year become a great year, full of happiness and prosperity, and a lot of love. I wish you have a fully blessed day a year ahead.

I live in millenium era, when the fashion trends changed faster, but the classic style is the major. I feel back on 20's era with this outfit. The classic dandy style, represent on this photoset. Classic printed shirt, Semi Coat Blazer and Retro style shorts in one colour theme. The oxford shoes and embroidery socks perfectly match with the whole outfit.


evcr3 colase

evcr7 edit


. Shirt : Hammer , Vintage Blazer , Vintage Shorts , Shoes : Felix Verguso.