Friday, November 27, 2009

Idul Adha Outfits


Top: East India. Watches: Levi's.
Bracelets: My Collections. Jeans: My Old Stock.

Hey all, this day is Idul Adha 1430 H. And of course i got a long holiday for it, i got 6 days holiday...
Yeaaay it's a long long holiday isn't it? And i take some picture after Sholat Ied, and this week is a greatfull week than another weeks in this year. Because i got a new gadget and new handphone too. Love this week so much !!

Lebaran getting wild... haha [strange]
raaaawr XP

.Happy Idul Adha 1430 H.



myrrh goldframe said...

hey you.. the lookbook boy! thank's for folwin my twitter and put me in your blog roll. surely i'll do the same. have a great time! please feel free to drop any comment in my blog.. i won't bite. Teehee. ! <3333333333

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprsetya said...

owkay, thank you deaar.. i already comment on your blog.