Monday, November 30, 2009

Bluish and Redish

Hey y'all... I got this hoodie when i was shopping in Jakarta. Really love this stuff ! Unique stuff isn't it?

Blue Hoodie: Converse. Jeans: Blast from the past.
Braccelets: My collections. Shoes: Reef.

Holiday is over now let's start for back to school again, aah examination will be held in this week. Wish me luck and i can do the best.


Claradevi said...

Thats a cute hoodie! I like that it also have patterned cloth on the back-side... Great finds!
I'm wishing you every luck for the test..
Take care! :)

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprsetya said...

thank youu soo much.!
amin, i hope so..

michelle_ said...

cool outfit !
love ur raybans . i have the same ones too :) hehe..

thanks for your comment at my blog :D
i loveddd this postt !
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dont know if that scarf is relevant to you :) but jsut gonna post the link . hehe..

mind following my blog ? i'll follow urs .

VersaStyle said...

yay male bloggers!! loving it!

thanks for stopping by my blog!

risingecha91 said...

@ michelle: thank youu dear,
ok michelle i will try it..

@versastyle: thank youu

michelle_ said...

thanks for your comment on the blog giveaway :D I've got a new blog post up !

visit / follow / and comment me .
xoxo . Glisters & Blisters

Zhcsyra hp said...

i always love the rebel style :))
love ur song ' i will be blessed" :))

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprsetya said...

yes i love too..
hha yeah i like that's song, thx for the comment