Friday, November 11, 2011

Smile is the best Way

In this life, there are always challenges to be faced. Whatever the challenges, we must face it. Sometimes the challanges can make us down and frightened. But the best way to confront the challanges are keep smiling and positive thinking.
I just wanted to refresh my mind, in the middle of Midterms Exam on this week. Playing around on Blogsphere, maybe can make my mind more fresh. I really stressfull with my College Life, full of assignments and Quiz everyday. Wish me luck for my Midterms Exam... And keep smiling ! :)

Finally, i posted an Outfits photos after a century i didn't post about my look...

rp1 copy

rp2 copy

rp6 copy

rp8 copy

rp7 copy

This shirt are from RONZARO. The shirt really comfortable, this shirt is one thing that can make me smile....

rp4 copy

rp3 copy

.Shirt: Ronzaro , Rolled up skinny pants , Sandals: Parachute , Straw Hat , Bow Tie Brooch : Lemon and Mint.


Ps.: If you want get a pair of personalized, laser-engraved collar stays when you purchase a shirt through Ronzaro website. You can submitted the Promo Code: "ECHA"

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