Saturday, October 23, 2010

Refreshing My Mind

Hey all, how are you ?. Finally i'm back after a great long vacation, it was really great and soo refreshing my mind. And now i'm back to the real world after a beautifull vacation like in wonderland. By the way i really missed my blog so much. I think it's feels so good to be back, and i wanna say hello to the blogworld :)

This posting is a random post, and i just wanna shared my happiness because...

Finally i got this


Digital SLR Canon EOS 1000D ! Wohoo~! I really overexcited :) That's my birthday gift from my parents, and thank you for the birthday wishes all. God bless you !


And in this post, i will share some pictures that i took with my camera,

echa2 copy


deavintage copy



flower copy


echa copy

That's all the pictures of my best shots, hope you will like it :)

And i hope i can post my outfits photos as soon as possible...

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P.s: Thank you for the beautifull birthday wishes, and for the comments i really appreciate it :)


style baro said...

Thanks for your nice comment!
Great look!

follow? <3

michellehendra said...

THANKS LOVE! i'd love to take picture with you! :) love your shirt! a lot!


Yessica said...

Wowww.. welcome to the Canon Club! hahaha. I love the cloud picture that you took. So lovely! =D

Vinda Sonata said...

nice pictures echa.
great editing :)


thanks for your comment echa!
and I like your shirt!


Joy and Amore said...

love all photos here,echa :)
agree with michelle love your shirt

June Paski said...

ur so lucky, I want dslr camera too :)

Veren Lee said...

great t-shirt! lovee the photos too :)

Lia Waroka Putri said...

ur parents r great! feeling like wanna steal my daddy's dslr xD barbiejunk

michelle_ said...

yayyy new post echa :) :) im loving these photo very much ! congrats for the dslr !Im sure you'll LOVEE IT :)

in the post u commented, i used the canon24-70L f/2.8 lens for the photos :) some were shot with external flash and some not :) ehehe

i cn recommend u some nice affordable lens if u want :)

Chloé Rosé said...

and now i am your follower :)

Lindsay LeBoyer said...

I have the same camera and its so good! You will definitely have fun taking pictures with it. I love the ones you've taken already!

QueenDesi said...

hey congrat for this awesome gift!!
keep learn to produce a better picture.
love your pictures here, btw.

and tks for leave comment in my blog, i really appreciate it. hope you can follow my blog


in Love&Light
Queen D

daraziivana said...

I love the SLR !! cool thing !!
please follow my blog if you don't mind :)

Jessie said...

You are a great photographer! I love your blog :)

visit my blog?

jessie xx

michelle_ said...

RE : yes i used an external flash for those phtoos :)

Becky Regina said...

Yaayy we have the same camera now ! It's just so good isn't it ? :D Love your shirt btw !

pixelhazard said...

Oh i have an olympus . isn't the clarity perfect. still learning all the functions on mine

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diana! said...

thanks for your commnt:)
nice post
have a nice day

zhao said...

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Asty Ramadhani said...

where did you buy that t-shirt?