Saturday, June 19, 2010

Monochrome with Style

Hello fellas :) i update my blog with the headline Monochrome with style. This may be diffrent from the previous entry, with the monochrmatic nuances.

White t-shirt. Black Jeans. Bikers Jacket: Revenge.
Gloves. Postman Hat: vintage stuff.

This look inspired by england vintage style. But i give a edgy and rock touch with the bikers jacket and the gloves. And i really love with the postman hat, it's so vintage. I got the hat from my mom. I was getting the england style while wearing this hats.

Thank you for your comments and for the readers and followers who visited my blog. I really apreciate it. I'll try reply your comment in your blog.

See you on the next posting :)


Ladyulia said...

udah lama gak mampir ke mari

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

nice photos!! love your glove
check out my latest post ya


ye55i said...

Wow! this looks great! I always love the black and white pictures.. =)
Nice hat and jacket..

michelle_ said...

i love your hat echa :)
nice black and white shots !
thanks for your commentsss :) :) :)

Shia-Shia said...

love the hat (^^) & very cool editing


michelle_ said...

thanks for dropping by echa :) :)
hugs and kisses from

beckyxoxo said...

Woaa cool echa ! Really love the jacket and hat , great photos ! :D

Ilse said...

nice pics!

martha puri natasande said...

great works!! really!